On Monday the 11th June the  Spring Lodge Nurses held an evening  for our clients to celebrate the 100th Puppy Party that they had held.

The evening consisted of informative talks and demonstrations, great cakes and a raffle with some fabulous prizes.

The evening started with a wonderful ‘Heel Work to Music’ display from Writtle Dog Training Centre.  The class bought along various breeds of dogs at different stages of training with their dedicated owners.  Rachel Ancell, the head heel work to music trainer introduced each dog and their display.  It was wonderful to see such well trained dogs and demonstrated how important dog training is to strenghten the bond between dog and owner.


There was then a break for tea and cakes.  The cakes were made by our very talented Saturday kennel assitant, Catherine who runs the Hidden Cherry Cake Company.  The attendees then had a time to meet our nurses and get help and advice from Royal Canin representative Nadia.  The raffle was drawn and prizes given out.

The evening ended with a talk from Janet and Brian from Pets As Therapy (PAT Dogs) who had their lovely dogs Clover and Lilly with them.  Clover and Lilly are a pair of Whippets who are qualified PAT dogs and who make visits to hospitals, childrens centres, hospices and old peoples homes to enrich peoples lives who maybe do not have access to dogs because of their circumstances.  We are all aware how wonderful it is to spend time with our dogs and it is proven that they can help with the health and well being of people, so they are performing a very important duty.

The whole evening was a great success and it was fantastic to meet our clients in a relaxed atmosphere.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported us.