This week has been a really successful one for the Spring Lodge Staff with four members of staff  passing their qualifications!

Millie, one of our student vetereinary nurses has passed all of her final examinations and therefore can now register with the RCVS  to be a Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN).   This has taken her two years of working full time,  attending College one day a week, completing examinations, assignments and also keeping a log of her practical skills. 

Also this week our Vet Nurses Lucy and Genna and our Vet Nursing Assistant Kelly have passed their SQP (Pharmacy) exams.  This will allow them to give advice and dispense a wide range of flea and worming medications.  We are particularly proud of Kelly who, as she is not a Veterinary Nurse, had to sit the full examination for this qualification and passed with flying colours!


All of our members of staff work extremely hard and to study and achieve qualifications at the same time takes a lot of dedication.  Well done!

For more information on being a veterinary Nurse go to