It is now the middle of September and we are fast approaching firework season.  This can be a very stressful time for our pets that have phobias of loud noises.  Do not leave preparations for this to the last minute and get organised now before they begin.


Current thinking is that using sedatives to calm your pets during this time is not a good idea as while they do quieten your pet down, they can still be left feeling the stress and anxiety that causes the initial fear. There are many new ideas that can help and by being prepared in advance and using a combination of some of the following you can make this time of year easier.

  1. Make a ‘den’ – a dogs natural way of dealing with stress is to hide away.  If you provide an area for them to hide in and they feel comfortable there they  will naturally feel less stressed.


2. It will be difficult but ignore any fearful behaviour – your pet will pick up on your own anxiety.


  1. Close all curtains at night and leave a TV or  radio on while the fireworks are happening. Make sure your doors and windows are secure to prevent your pet escaping when they are frightened.


4.Do not go out and leave your pets alone.


  1. Noise Desensitisation – by using a CD of sounds (such as fireworks) at very low levels you can try to desensitise your pet  to the sounds.  This method takes  time and will need help from a trainer but can be the most effective long term.


  1. Anti-anxiety tablets – tablets such Calmex,  Zylkene and Dorwest Sculcap and Valeria all use natural products that can ease stress and anxiety.


  1. Pheromone Collars and Diffusers – ‘Adaptil’ –  these emit a synthetic copy of the natural comforting pheromone released by a mother dog to reassure her puppies.


As with all things the better prepared you are to deal with a noise phobia the better the outcome will be.  For more advice go to or call your vet surgery and speak to your Veterinary Nurse.