Now the nicer weather has started we will all be spending our nights and weekends taking our dogs for lovely long walks.  Many dogs like to pick up and play with sticks and it is often tempting to throw sticks for them to retrieve and play with.

There are, however, dangers that we all need to be aware of when playing with sticks with your dog.

We recently had a dog who picked up a stick on a walk and after returning home the owner noticed a problem.  When we examined  her she had several deep, painful lacerations under her tongue where the rough end of the stick had cut into her mouth.



Our Veterinary Surgeon Melinda had to anaesthetise the dog and very carefully place many small disolvable sutures under the tongue to carefully close all of the wounds.


Luckily there were no small pieces of stick embedded in the tongue as this can be another complication of this kind of injury.

Happily she went on to make a complete recovery but her case shows how dangerous a simple game of ‘fetch’ can be.  We would advise taking a tough, strong toy (such as a Kong Toy) on a walk with you.