Sallys Puppies

Sometimes working at a vets can be sad and emotional, but we also experience the best of time as well and we thought we would share one of these momennts with you.  On Friday one of our favourite dogs, a black Pug called Sally came in as she needed a little help delivering her litter of puppies.    It was decided that she needed a caesarian section to deliver her litter as the first puppy was stuck.

 Our veterinary Surgeon Nicole Laws performed the surgery and we were delighted when five healthy and very noisey pupies were born.  Normally when puppies are born by caesarian they need attention from the veterinary nurses to revive them but these puppies were crawling around looking for their mum within seconds after being born.

 They were such a joy to look after and they made us all smile – so we thought we would share their pictures with you: