Dottie Enjoying the Sun


This months ‘Pet of the Month’ is (we believe) our oldest customer Dottie the 26 year old tortoiseshell cat.  This picture of the amazing Dottie shows her making the most of the sunshine and enjoying life.  It is amazing to think, at the age of 26 Dottie is older than most of our nurses and that she was born in 1987!!

Dotties wonderful owners write:

‘Dottie and her sister Bramble came to us from Colchester Cat Rescue when they were both 12 years old.  We thought we’d only have them for a couple of years so spoilt them horribly to make their final years lovely.  We sadly lost our beautiful Bramble last year at the grand age of 25 but Dottie is still hanging on in there – I won’t say she’s fighting fit because she does have rather a lot of ailments now but she’s still retained her naughty streak for when she’s not snoozing.’

We believe the love, care, time and effort Dotties owners put into looking after her are the reasons for her long life and she really deserves her moment in the spotlight!