Ruby is a tiny Yorkshire Terrier (she only weighs 1.6kg!) and we had been monitoring her, with her owner, during her pregnancy.

On the 2nd of May her owner called us as she was concerned that Ruby had been showing the efforts of trying to give birth but nothing was happening.  Our vet Nadine examined Ruby and she seemed to be suffering from a complication called ‘single pup syndrome’ and was not having normal contractions.  She needed a caesarian so Nadine and Veterinary Nurse Nicola moved her through to the theatre and started the operation.  Ruby had one, very large puppy which was why she had been having problems giving birth.  The puppy was healthy and lively, just too big to come out!

So small Ruby had an even smaller puppy (130g)!  Ruby and her puppy are both progressing really well.   It was wonderful to have a successful ending to the story!