Eric the German Shepherd
We wanted the first featured pet on our website to be a very special one.  Our receptionist Jacqui from the Tiptree branch told us of a beautiful German Shepard called Eric who had a very bad start to life and we immediately decided it should be him!
Eric first came to see us at Spring Lodge after his owners rescued him from the RSPCA kennels with his now best friend, a lurcher called Fred.  Eric was at the RSPCA as he was found abandoned by the roadside by the Police and required emergency treatment to save his life.  His owners  sent me a lovely letter telling us about Eric and their kind and heartfelt words tell his story:
”On the 15th October 2011 we adopted a frightened little lurcher from the RSPCA rescue kennels, this story is not about Fred, who is now a loving cuddly rascal of a dog, while we were at the kennels we said we were also looking for a German Shepherd, and as it happened they had a dog who was at that time in a foster home and was about to be advertised for adoption, and as it happened the foster lady was at the kennels with Eric in her car, she brought him in and the moment we saw him we fell in love with him as we had Fred.  We took both dogs to their field to see if they would get on together and it seemed a partnership made in heaven. We took Fred home that day as we wanted to get him settled at home as he had been in the kennels for two and half months and was a stray.

Fred the Lurcher and an underweight Eric relaxing at their new home

We collected Eric the following Friday:  Eric was found by the roadside by the Kent Police who at that time thought he was dead, but there was a glimmer of life so they took him to a vet in Kent who put him immediately on a drip ( he was on a drip for ten days).  He only weighed sixteen kilos and his hair was so matted it had to be shaved off, so you can imagine he was in a very bad state.
When we collected him on 21st October 2011 he weighed twenty nine kilos, still very much under weight.  This lovely dog who obviously had been so cruelly neglected was so amazing he was so friendly, trusting and loving to all who came in touch with him.  We fed him four times a day and Reg took him for short walks to build up his strength.  Needless to say he gobbled his food as though there was no more food (which obviously had been the case).  He did not come into the lounge on the first couple of days just stayed in the kitchen, so I gradually, moved his bed up the hall, so eventually it was at the lounge door, and then into the lounge.  His back legs were very weak and could not go upstairs.

Gradually he put on weight and got stronger, and one day I went upstairs and there behind was Eric, he had followed me, and that was it, from then on every time I go upstairs so does he (and Fred).  When Reg takes him for his walk they are getting longer now, and he is so obedient, without much instruction he sits when told and walks off the lead and just walks beside Reg looking up to him all the time, has a little snoop around and back to Reg.

We have had his weighed regularly and on Friday 3rd February 2012 he weighed 40kilos.  He is a very handsome dog and has two meals a day now, and does not gobble it down in one go, takes his time and does not always eat it in one go, we think he is quite secure enough now to know he well never go hungry again and always be loved and cherished.  We consider ourselves lucky to have such a loving and loyal and gentle dog.

Eric - happier and healthier

I must add that Eric and Fred are inseparable, they play together a lot, I don’t think either of them did much playing in their previous lives, we think they have both helped each other to gain confidence.  We love them both.”
Thank you to Eric’s owners for allowing us to tell Eric’s (and Freds) story.  It is one of the true highlights of our jobs seeing a beautiful dog enjoying the life it deserves after such a poor beginning.