Penny is a beautiful four month old pure bred Bengal Kitten.  Bengals are naturally inquisitive cats and on this very cold December day Penny’s curiosity placed her in serious danger.



Pennys owners rushed her in to our Witham hospital at lunch time as she had accidently fallen into the pond next to their house.  The day was icy cold and the water temperature near freezing.

When she was admitted Penny was totally unresponsive and her pupils were dilated and not reacting to light.  When her temperature was taken no reading was registering on the thermometer at all, showing that Penny was suffering from severe hypothermia.

Our Veterinary Surgeon Lucy Drew and Veterinary Nurse Sophie Watson started immediate emergency treatment.  They placed her on warm intravenous fluids via a catheter in her front leg and covered her in a special heat blanket that circulates warm air around the animal (called a Bair Hugger).  At this point Penny stared to show signs of response and began to move her legs but then suddenly started to have a seizure (bought on by her hypothermia) so was given a sedative to help her through this.

Penny received constant monitoring throughout the afternoon, her temperature only started to register on the themometer after 3 hours of treatment and at 3pm she began to wake up calmly from her sedative. She started to purr and wanted her head rubbed and even ate a whole bowl of food!

Penny continued to recover over the next 12 hours and went home the following morning with no apparent side affects from her accident.  She was extremely lucky that her caring owners had managed to get her to us so quickly as she was critically cold when she arrived.