Betty’s Story



This months pet of the month has been chosen not only for her bravery  but because of the unusual circumstances of her accident.

Last year, when Betty was just over a year old she was on a walk when her owner decided to pop into the local shop.  She tied her up, very breifly outside the shop.  After just a few minutes Betty’s owner returned to find Betty holding up her front right leg and she was unable to place any weight on it at all.  Betty had not cried out in pain  and had been left for such a short amount of time it was unclear what could have happened.

Betty was rushed straight to Spring Lodge in Witham and examined by our vet Nicole Laws.  Betty was extremely brave and allowed us to examine her and it was clear that her leg was badly injured.  We gave her strong pain relief and sent her through to our x-ray department.  Here they gave Betty a general anaesthetic and x-rayed her leg. 

To everyones amazement Betty had somehow managed to break her leg with a complete and spiralling fracture on her humerus (the bone between the elbow and the shoulder.

Xray of Betty's Front Right Leg


We could not understand how Betty had injured her leg so badly from just being tied up for a few minutes.  She was not tangled up in her lead when her owner found her and nobody had heard her yelp.
After a long discussion with her owner it was decided that we should amputate Bettys front leg as a repair of the fracture would not only be costly but would mean that Betty would have to spend a long time in confinment while her fracture healed.  Betty was such a young, lively dog a quick recovery was important so that Betty could get on enjoying life.  Betty went straight to theatre and her leg was amputated from the shoulder. 
The next morning Betty was up and walking around and went home that day.  
Betty visited us last week for her annual vaccination and greated me by jumping over the base of the consulting table, obviously unaware how special she is.  It was wonderful seeing her doing so well and also to see the very special bond she has with her owner.  Betty’s owner says that Betty can still run, jump and do all of things a four legged dog can do and the operation has not slowed her down.
It never fails to amaze us how strong and resiliant animals are and Betty is the perfect example of this.  We will never know how she hurt her leg so badly – if only she could tell us!