Tammy’s Story


Tammy is a 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier who had a bad start in life, but who’s story has a very happy ending.

Tammy was found by the Chelmsford Dog Warden about 7 years ago.  She had been abandoned in a car breakers yard and had been living under the cars, she was covered in grease and infested with fleas. Tammy was taken to Wallace Kennels by the Dog Warden and when nobody came forward to claim her she was put up for adoption.

Luckily for Tammy Mr and Mrs Newman called the kennels that day looking for a suitable dog to be a companion for their elderly neighbour and Tammy found a new home.

Tammy stayed at her new home for the next 5 years but unfortunately her owner had to go into hospital.  Alas, it seemed she had been struggling to care for Tammy over the last few years they had spent together.   Tammy had been fed an unsuitable diet that included cakes, biscuits and chocolate and had been given very little excersie.  Tammy had become timid, nervous and very overweight.

This is when Mr and Mrs Newman intervened in Tammys life again and in December 2012 they very kindly took Tammy on and started to care for her.  Tammy was very overweight topping the scales at 10.7kg when she first visited our Ingatestone Surgery and a strict diet was advised.  Tammys new owners restarted her vaccinations and wanted to have her spayed.  Our Veterinary Surgeon, Kat Rhodes felt it was better to postpone the operation until Tammy had reduced in weight first as being over weight can make the surgery more risky.

Tammy visited the surgery very month for weight checks and gradually her weight started to reduce with her reaching 8.9kg in April (meaning she had lost 10% of her bodyweight in 4 months).


Tammy has now been spayed and is enjoying her new life in her new forever home, thanks to the kind generosity of Mr and Mrs Newman.