Pet of the month – Steve’s Story

At Spring Lodge we think all dogs are special but every now and then we meet an extra special one who just melts our heart.

Steve is just one of these dogs who has an amazing story and who has found the most loving owners a dog could ever want.

Steve is an elderly, ruby cocker spaniel who was found by our clients while they were out walking their other dog.  Even though he is elderly (but has the energy of a dog half his age!) they have agreed to keep him as he is such a character. He is such a loving, kind, gentle dog that we had to feature him as our Pet of the Month.  Every time we meet him he just makes us smile!

We asked his owners to tell us his story:

‘On our return from a family walk with our black German Shepherd quite recently a chap in a car approached us with a charming, if a little bedraggled, Ruby Spaniel sitting in the passenger seat. The driver, having been angling all day, told us how this little spaniel had been running loose all day with another dog but when it came to him going home the spaniel refused to leave and hopped into the car: “I don’t live around here”, the angler explained “I don’t know what to do”. Both my wife and I sang the chorus: “We’ll look after him!”

We reported the incident to the local dog warden team who knew about him and his travelling ways and in a whirlwind-like week of trips for check ups and new toy shopping we discovered that the original owner was very keen to re-home him.

So there it is: the little Ruby Spaniel who we understand to be the grand old age of 15, whose tail is on permanent wag mode (which we suspect might generate him some form of kinetic energy and is the reason he seems to still look quite the puppy), who has already overcome both an eye and ear infection and the removal of a spiky, seedy thing that had been stuck down his lug-hole for far too long…is now known as Steve… And, as toothless, deaf and fairly blind as he is; with lumpy bumpy extras only old dogs seem to have, we can’t think of him as not always having been part of our family. Sarah and the team at Spring Lodge have been marvellous. Thank you for all your help and understanding….’