Cats love to play and they often find the simplest of things the most fun.  Unfortunately for Yogi, a beautiful Maine Coon cat,  his game with a shoelace that he had found went  horribly wrong when he swallowed it.  If it had not been for the quick thinking of his owner and that fact that he is so amiable and allowed her to help him, things could have become very serious.


His owner Paree writes:

‘I would like to warn people about the danger of having shoelaces as toys for your pets.

Our cat Yogi was playing,  I was in a different room and as I walked past him I noticed there was a small black thing hanging from his mouth approximately 5cm long.  It was a shoelace!

Luckily Yogi allowed me to open his mouth and gently pull on the shoelace.  I was concerned that there may have been an injury to him, as in total the shoelace that he had swallowed was approximately 50cm long.’

Yogis shoelace


‘I phoned the vets to ask if I should bring him in for a check-up, but they said to just keep an eye on him and make sure he isn’t sick. Luckily he has been ok since and I have removed all shoelaces that the cats play with from the house.’

Thank you to Yogi and his owner for sharing his story with us.  This could have been a potentially serious situation because if Yogi had swallowed the whole lace it could have damaged his oesophagus, stomach and intestines as it worked its way through.  It could have had a ‘cheese-wire’ effect cutting into his digestive system or could have gathered up in his intestines causing a blockage.  Luckily Yogi has not suffered any after effects from his game and is back to his beautiful. laid-back self.