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Our Clinics

  • Youth Club
  • Travel Clinic
  • Small Furry Club

Youth Club

Youth Club

The first year of your pet’s life is full of rapid development and growth and although this time is filled with fun and games there is a lot of information to take on board as well.

To help you adjust to your new arrival and ensure these needs are met, all puppies and kittens are invited to join our Youth Club, where our veterinary clinic nurse can answer any queries you may have.

Topics we can discuss range from vaccination, parasite control, the importance of a good diet, behaviour, socialisation, basic training, teeth care and neutering.

Your puppy and kittens will then be invited for a regular monthly check ups with our clinic veterinary nurse to carry out a gentle general health check and ensure your puppy and kitten is on the correct parasite treatment.

This is also a brilliant opportunity to socialise them to the practice and make their visits as stress free as possible, as bringing your pet in from a young age will get them used to seeing us in a positive way.

Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic

Pets are truly part of the family and The Pet Travel Scheme allows pets to travel abroad without the need to be quarantined, for this reason more people are opting to take their pet on holiday with them rather than leaving them behind.

Jumping through all the legal hoops and certification and ensuring that the necessary vaccinations and tests are carried out correctly can be very daunting.

There are also additional risks to your pet from potentially life threatening diseases caused by parasites that are encountered abroad.

If you do decide to travel with your pet we offer travel clinic consultations with our clinic nurse who can offer advice on the best methods to protect your pet whilst you are away.

For more information on the parasites, diseases and recommended treatments of the country or region you are thinking of visiting, visit ESCCAP.

An appointment at our Travel Clinic will help you look at the options, make the right decisions for you and your pet and plan the process of preparing to take your pet abroad.

Please remember to ring us for an appointment in good time - it can take several weeks to prepare for travel, and travel outside the EU can involve some lengthy preparations.

There’s more to it than just applying for a Animal Health Certificate!

Small Furry Club

Small Furry Club

We also see many of our small furry friends in our clinics.

We can offer appointments with our Veterinary Nurses for general health checks to be carried out on rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, etc.

Please get in touch for more information.